Updates, Updates & More Updates!
November 28th, 2009 - By Jinxed

As most of you can see by now the site is still under development, instead of releasing a "Lite" version of the website with minimal features and functions I have opted work a bit longer on the actual website so the beta will be an 80% or more functional release. I apologize for the delay however it is all for the best, in the meantime we have been adding new videos to our youtube channel and working to keep up with the releases.

At this time we are still seeking out donations in order to retain the domains and hardware required to run the website, I have some stuff here from SteelSeries and Icemat that I will be throwing together for raffles over the next couple weeks.

In even more exciting news, TMV is in the process of partnering side by side a major hardware vendor in the near future providing great prizes and promotions for our community, as well as give us the tools and resources we need to push TMV into the future and far beyond. Stay tuned for more updates!

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