The Vault Goes Live and "Lite"
January 10th, 2010 - By Jinxed

Welcome to the new "lite" version of The Movie Vault, make yourself at home. Before you start scratching your head wondering what's going on I think I should take a moment to show you around what's live, and give you a heads up on what is yet to come. If this is your first time back to The Vault since it closed in August, I highly recommend you read this introduction.

First things first, no this is not the "whole" website, that is why this is considered a "lite" version and not even a beta. What you are seeing is a look into the new styling and ease of use functions being applied to the new website. The core functions such as searching, browsing, playing videos and so forth is all intact and don't worry, I didn't forget to include the high definition streams. But what is missing is all the user functions most have grown to love, the question is why?

This site has been created from the ground up; I scrapped the remains of what was once "SourceRadio" and started new. I did this primarily because the old site was cluttered, years of code and let's face it. I learned along the way. The new site is built for the user; the new interface will allow easy navigation, attractive styling and a ton of new features. So many new features in fact, that I can't release the full site quite yet.

Global Frag Game Servers is generously providing us with several dedicated content servers allowing us to provide quality streams, right now these streams are located in the USA so if you experience problems streaming, rest assured that new London servers are being deployed.

I am sorry that at this time there is no real way to post feedback to the site; I will be adding a feedback and developers blog section shortly so we can keep in touch.

What's New?
Well for starters the search feature not only works, but works damn well. The browse and watch pages have been redone to make them easier to use. My favorite feature on this "lite" site is the new soundtrack display module, which interacts with the video as it plays (provided a soundtrack has been added). I was tired of white and orange, so I mixed things up a bit in order to better suit the future of the Vault.

More to Come
Over the next few weeks and/or months development will continue on The Movie Vault. Once we are ready for a beta, we will be inviting everyone who donated (at least $1.00) to participate in the beta. In the meantime updates to the "lite" version as well as new videos added as often as possible will continue to occur. Please help us re-brand as our primary address by using the "share" buttons featured on both the news, and the videos on this site.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone for their patience as well as personally thank everyone who has donated, believe it or not without your help this day would never have come. Another thanks goes out to Alex Kazah of Global Frag Game Servers for helping us out, and supporting me and the development of this site since September of 2009.

It feels good to be back!

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