London Servers Now Online and More Site Updates
February 1st, 2010 - By Jinxed

We know you have been waiting for it, and we are please to announce that we have deployed and launched several new servers out of London, UK (England) courtesy of our friends at Global Frag Game Servers. The expansion will allow us to better server content to our friends in Europe while maintaining the integrity of our network.

I have also made significant changes to the way videos are played, you may have noticed I have fixed the "hanging video" problem, as well as added the features for server selection and a much nicer looking HQ/HD interface for switching quality. Also I have added a "More from Producer" block to help feed hungry viewers with more related content.

Over the next week I will be wrapping up the core user functions (rating, reviewing, login, new account, etc) and releasing the next version of the site allowing users to once again interact with the site and the videos. This is some exciting stuff, so make sure you check back for updates and tell your friends!

Lastly, we have created a Twitter account and I plan on posting more updates on it, you should follow us to stay up to date.

That's all for now, more updates soon.

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