User System Online! Rate & Review Videos
February 12th, 2010 - By Jinxed

The era of silence has come to an end as we release the "next" version of the website featuring the core user systems and finally the ability to rate and review your favorite videos. Tell your friends, tell your family but most importantly get to work, we have alot of catching up to do

The "lite" version is now over as we are now moving on into the first beta of the new site. Core user systems allow you to register, login and interact with the sites content. These features are the very core of the community, and the only place to go from here is up!

I have put alot of time into the site, and its finally starting to come together. I truly hope you enjoy seeing the progress and that things are moving along fast enough for you. I will be looking to add extended user profiles, more user features and an arsenal of new tools to help make everything just that much better! Stay tuned.

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