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Jovan "p0db0t" Ilic
Serbia and Montenegro
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Counter Strike I first started playing in 2002. After that I played LAN with friends but nothing serious, way more fun. Subsequently, in early 2008 I began to understand the purpose of games, that is the essence and I really really liked. In 2010 I began the first serious LAN play, to practice and play online matches. The first team was called KVG.The first LAN tournament that I played took place in 2010 in Beograd.Then in 2013 I switched on Counter Strike Global Offensive and start to play in who was our sponsor, we had a lot of success at the KGB vol 1 tournament we are finish on 3rd place.I realized that Counter Strike is a game that gives you a good time, with which you can meet many new people, learn to think and to get good friends. So, I thank all my friends who were always there as teammates, as well as friends.

Born May 26th, 1993 (27 years old)
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