Shocktology 2

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Producer: TM22
Channel: Halo 3
Category: Frag Video
Resolution: 1280x720
Length: 07:15
Filesize: 369.93 MB
Added: May 9th, 2010

Creativity: 8.8
Content: 9.2
Editing: 9.4
Soundtrack: 7.1
Quality: 9.0
Click To View GiJamesDunn\
United Kingdom GiJamesDunn|May 12th, 2010 +1 You must be logged in to give kudos You must be logged in to give kudos
Right, let me start by stating how much I actually enjoyed this montage. However, the whole montage gradually goes down hill as time progresses. Let me start at the beginning and explain myself.

With an introduction as spectacular as that, although not perfect, you expect huge things. It alone demonstrates how new and innovative ideas can thrive in halo montages.

However, those huge things did not come.

The music choice was a particular let down for the montage. I would like to add here just how unlucky I believe this editor is. The second song had literally been used a week prior to release in the Black Box trailer. For this reason it will hinder any watchers enjoyment due to unoriginality. The amount of time people put into editing a montage it is extremely unfortunate these have been released so close to each other.
The third song was a typical montage song used so many times I do not dare to count. This, yet again, altered my perception on the montage and shifted it back towards ones average montage rather then the vision the intro originally created.

Throughout the montage the editor seems to think he should do what other montages have already done. The most prominent of these, which annoys me alot, is the use of a huge overkill medal. Only used once during the montage. All these things made me question the image which the introduction created.

It was an enjoyable watch and the gameplay was exceptional, no huge 'medals' but the quality of the clips that were used was extremely high. It just leaves me with the feeling it could have been a great montage yet it was let down by minor things here and there which somewhat knocked it down.
Creativity: 7
Content: 10
Editing: 9
Soundtrack: 7
Quality: 10
Click To View Ace Of Death\
United States Ace Of Death|May 10th, 2010 You must be logged in to give kudos You must be logged in to give kudos
I enjoyed this video, but there were a few things I didn't really like. The songs had both been used and used well. The first was in Black Box, which isn't bad as it was use well here too. The second song the audio was bad... hard to listen to. It was also, very overused. The content was great clips were nasty and there was some very interesting and inventive editing in this. Overall it was a great vid.
Creativity: 8
Content: 9
Editing: 9
Soundtrack: 6
Quality: 9
Click To View murx77\
Germany murx77|May 10th, 2010 You must be logged in to give kudos You must be logged in to give kudos
This was the first Halo3 movie I ever watched and it was pretty good. The best part was the Intro it was just beautiful. The Music choice makes this movie seem like at least 2 movies which isn't totally bad but after the song-change the first seconds into Evanescence felt kinda weird. Positive about that is that i felt the editing style changed with the song. Great Vid at all I'm gonna keep watching Halo3 movies if the next ones are as good as this
Creativity: 9
Content: 9
Editing: 9
Soundtrack: 7
Quality: 9
Click To View Flashburn 117\
United States Flashburn 117|May 12th, 2010 You must be logged in to give kudos You must be logged in to give kudos
Really good montage and really interesting editing approach. The only things I caught were the fact that you hyped up that one construct exterm on Cloud and Clutch and Snuff and some other guy and how you really had some problems with the transitions with bring me to life. Also for those people who keep saying it's one of the over used montage songs in the world, I haven't actually seen it used. I think it's because it's assumed to be over used. I just don't like it being used here because the transitions are pretty obvious and the audio track was butchered on several occasions.
Creativity: 10
Content: 9
Editing: 10
Soundtrack: 7
Quality: 9
4 Reviews Total - Average 8.6