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Producer: Paddlin Productions
Channel: Day of Defeat
Category: Frag Video
Resolution: 1024x600
Length: 11:15
Filesize: 280.17 MB
Added: January 7th, 2008

Creativity: 9.1
Content: 8.6
Editing: 8.6
Soundtrack: 8.4
Quality: 9.3
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United Kingdom lokox|January 7th, 2008 +1 You must be logged in to give kudos You must be logged in to give kudos
This was a really weird as it doesn't fall under any of the normal frag vid catergories, the game is day of defeat as i don't play this game (or any on the 1.6 engine at that) this was a bit of a novelty , the name, quite comical it is was quite misleading, how ever once the movie kicked in it was quite apparent this man means business, and the business is killing, and he's very good at it, the frags in the video and above average i would say! How ever lets move on, the music quite varied, so i would say their is definetly something for everyone here, however i'd say it's not consistent enough and detracts feeling from the movie as a whole. Onto to editing, as a movie maker myself this is one of things that i know a tad about, as opposed to things which could be considered personal prefernce, there don't seem to any really "stand out effects" which made me go wow! What i will say is that the editing was solid and even though unoriginal, the right kills were emphasized and it was well done through out, although the syncing was on and off, when it was done it was done well but i feel as if it was just placed there as a one off and that to have done ir more so would have taken to much time for maybe not the best looking film. but thats a personal prefernce again. So to wrap this (long) review up, i liked it, but maybe work a bit harder on the synching and stick to one genre off music, and maybe use a more common screen size : i don't know anyone who use 1024 x 600, record at 1280 z 720 (widecreen 16:9) or 800 x 600 (4:3) , good res and looks better when you download it. I look forward to watching more.
Creativity: 8
Content: 7
Editing: 7
Soundtrack: 7
Quality: 9
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United States Prop|January 13th, 2008 You must be logged in to give kudos You must be logged in to give kudos
pretty underrated team movie, even if i get killed in it a few times :/ it really showed off all of tap's players individual skill
Creativity: 9
Content: 8
Editing: 8
Soundtrack: 8
Quality: 8
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United States desynergy|April 4th, 2008 You must be logged in to give kudos You must be logged in to give kudos
best dod movie ever made. i laughed, i cryed, i crapped a snake.
Creativity: 10
Content: 10
Editing: 10
Soundtrack: 10
Quality: 10
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Estonia RUUKIE|August 30th, 2009 You must be logged in to give kudos You must be logged in to give kudos
Good video.
Creativity: 9
Content: 8
Editing: 7
Soundtrack: 10
Quality: 9
4 Reviews Total - Average 8.6