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Producer: athid
Channel: Counter Strike
Category: Highlights
Resolution: 1280x720
Length: 10:59
Filesize: 393.11 MB
Added: January 15th, 2012

Creativity: 8.5
Content: 9.6
Editing: 9.0
Soundtrack: 9.0
Quality: 9.1
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Brazil vaulter|January 15th, 2012 +2 You must be logged in to give kudos You must be logged in to give kudos
the best movie i've seen in a while, the music, the sync, the frags, just excellent piece of editing, @peda_z, if you look in the youtube description, it says he made it in one week
Creativity: 9
Content: 10
Editing: 10
Soundtrack: 10
Quality: 10
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United States coates|January 16th, 2012 You must be logged in to give kudos You must be logged in to give kudos
CREATIVITY: Overall there wasn't much extra going on in here. However with that being the case, it was done well for what it was. It was a solid team frag movie that didn't do too much or too little at any point. But for a higher creativity score it could have used a bit more oomph to it.

CONTENT: The frags were clean, I watched quite a bit of Winfakt and wasn't left wondering where this and that round from events I spectated.

EDITING: The editing was clean. Definitely not overedited, but maybe could have used a bit more editing to keep a stronger pace, but it didn't come to any slowdown that made you want to look away.

MUSIC: The music wasn't exactly hit and miss, but in terms of syncing with the frags, it was on and off. Some of the music was definitely new and solid and synced well. But at other times the music was fairly generic and couldn't really be synced all that well with the movie. When the movie was using music that was synced well with the frags, it was done really well, but needed more of it.

QUALITY: Overall the movie was solid. The only thing keeping it back was a bit more creative touch, that along with a more consistently solid music selection would have made this a fantastic movie. Also being that it was a team movie I would have much more enjoyed it being more cinematic. It was a bit basic on that end. Definitely worth a nearly 11 minute watch.
Creativity: 7
Content: 9
Editing: 8
Soundtrack: 8
Quality: 8
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Hungary Peda_Z|January 15th, 2012 -2 You must be logged in to give kudos You must be logged in to give kudos
This is more like a highlight video, its not really a movie. Editingwise it was most of the time simple. There were sometimes harsh cuts in the scenes, which spoiled the flow.
The music gets annoying after a couple minutes, because it doesnt connect to the visual happenings, and the soundtracks dont have any strong character.

Its a clean video with great frags - enjoyable - but imo too long.
Creativity: 8
Content: 9
Editing: 7
Soundtrack: 7
Quality: 8
3 Reviews Total - Average 8.5